Cumartesi, Mayıs 30, 2015

Computer Education

When i looked at the 21st Century Student Outcomes and Support Systems from the following link ;

I have noticed that; 
1. Content Knowledge and 21st Century Themes

Mastery of fundamental subjects and 21st century themes is essential for students in the 21st century. Disciplines include:
English, reading or language arts
World languages
Government and Civics

In my opinion there is a missing knowledge type for creating Algoritmic and Computational Thinking Knowledges, Skills and Attitudes. Those knowledge types should be acquired by the new generations. If this opinion is true then, Computer Education should be given in K12. For that purpose we have to have "Computer Teachers" educated for this purpose. (Subject matter = Computer (Science, Engineering), proper pedagogy, having TPACK Knowledge). 
So, Computer Knowledge (science, engineering) should be added to Content Knowledge category?

I hope, you are agree.